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Introducing Evolution:

Intense LED light Therapy has evolved..

The Next Generation in LED light Therapy is Here Today

Make the Evolution the New Profit Center for your Business

The Evolution session takes only 10 minutes. Once Evolution begins, there is no need for a skincare technician, therefore your spa/clinic reduces its costs of providing this one of a kind skin care service.

Your Clients' / Patients' Feel Like Never Before
  • Short Treatment Time: 10 minutes
  • Multiple Frequences: Variable Pulsation Intervals
  • 32 two stages optical lenses that focus the intense LED light (PATENTED) equivalent to 1120 LED's
  • 384 narrow beam infrared (940nm) LED immeters @ 20nW each.
  • 576 red (625nm) narrow bean LED immeters @ 20nW each.
  • 1236 joules over application area.
  • The evolution is effective on all skin types, and can be used alone or in with other skin treatment.





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