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Finally, an LED Pain Management System that uses INTENSE LED Photopulsation

What is INTENSE LED Photopulsation?

INTENSE LED photopulsation uses the Lambertian (the world's most powerful) LED which is equivalent to approximately 35 normal LEDs. An optical lens is then used to concentrate this light to one area. Finally, the Revitalight pulsates the light with multiple frequencies (patented) for even greater effectiveness. This focusing of the light allows the technician to direct all the light energy to the specific site of the pain and assures that the light will penetrate deep enough to be effective. The specific LEDs used are for infrared (940 nm) LED light along with focused pulsating red (625 nm) LED light.

Why is this technology revolutionizing the pain management industry?

No other LED device focuses its light, and therefore these other devices are unable to penetrate and direct their light like the Revitalight does. These two functions are critical for achieving maximum results.

Is the Revlight Pain Management System FDA Approved?

The Revlight has been cleared for pain management and increased blood flow, and is manufactured to the strictest medical standards in an FDA inspected facility. Its power supply is medically approved and can be used in operating rooms.

Review these facts before you purchase an LED light therapy device for Pain Management

Focused: The ONLY LED device that focuses its LED light to create a powerful concentration of intense LED light that penetrates deeper for greatest effectiveness.



Revlight is cleared for the treatment of pain and increased bloodflow.

High Power to Penetrate Deeper. The only LED device to use INTENSE LED light. One look at Revitalight's INTENSE LED and you will see the difference.

Short Treatment Time: 10 - 15 minutes

Most Effecitve Wavelength: 625 nm Red, 940 nm Infrared, 590 nm Amber.

Proven Effective: Hundreds of testimonials world-wide.

Best Warranty: 5 years NEXT DAY REPLACEMENT warranty. Backed by a 32-year-old company.

Multiple Frequencies: (Patented) Prevents desensitiation and increases effectiveness.

Sanitary: Uses disposable plastic covers.

Affordable: 6 months no payments, no interest or free with the SmartPay option. (Pay only for the time you used)

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